Seeds From Space

Rocket Seeds from the ISS – U.K. Experiment

In the summer of 2016, 600,000 children became space biologists as they began a 35 day experiment to sow and grow rocket seeds that has spent six months on board the International Space Station (ISS) courtesy of European U.K. Astronaut Tim Peake.

Details can be found in this download from the Royal Horticultural Society ‘Rocket Science’ – Our Voyage of Discovery




Tomato Seeds from the ISS – Canadian Experiment

We were fortunate enough to obtain some seeds flown on board the International Space Station and returned to earth by Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Chris Hadfield in space with tomato seeds

After they germinated they were planted out into grow bags and pots with really great results. The space flown plants and earth based plants were kept separately.

Initial planting out pics.

The space flown plants and earth based plants were kept separately.

The space flown plants and earth based plants were kept separately.


IMG_1963 IMG_1972

The fruits of our labour.

Cinnamon Basil Seeds

The seeds were flown to space on mission STS-121 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery and attached to the exterior of the International Space Station on July 4, 2006. The seeds remained attached as a component of the MISSE (Materials International Space Station Experiment) and returned to Earth on mission STS-118 aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on August 21,2007. The seeds (some 3 million in total) were distributed to stimulate interest in space science.

The Materials on the International Space Station Experiment-3, or MISSE 3, was attached to the outside of the space station in August 2006. The suitcase-sized container was filled with hundreds of materials, including basil seeds, to study how each is affected by the space environment. Basil seeds were contained in the AO & Solar bottom tray in containers marked PS1-PS6

NASA MISSE Experiments PAckage


MISSE Program Logo  

Program Logo for NASA MISSE

International Space Station

ISS on Earth Orbit

We were out and about last week sowing the seeds of inspiration at three different nursery schools locally. The tots were introduced to spaceflight, planting the seeds flown in space, sampling freeze dried space food, trying on cosmonaut gloves and assorted photo opportunities.

Our whistle stop tour included visits to:

Happy Tots Cannock Nursery, Cannock Staffordshire

seeds from space inspiring the next generation


Happy Tots Nursery, Tamworth Staffordshire

Happy Tots Nursery Wolverhampton West Midlands

Interest was created for the media by Colette Bratton, Marketing Angel



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