An artist's concept illustrating an Apollo-type spacecraft (left) about to dock with a Soviet Soyuz-type spacecraft.

Spaceboosters Limited

Space Lectures – Ken Willoughby

British Interplanetary Society

Astronaut Websites

Buzz Aldrin – Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 moonwalker provides articles, video clips, appearance calendar, and collectibes –

Jay Apt – have the four time shuttle astronaut address your group or order his book of ‘Orbit’ photography –

Alan Bean – (Deceased) fully authorized, up-to-date gallery of the Apollo 12 and Skylab 3 astronaut’s artwork –

Scott Carpenter – (Deceased) Project Mercury 7 Astronaut and Aquanaut personal website.

Walter Cunningham – profile of the Apollo 7 astronaut including his roles as author, orator, investor and talk show host –

Charlie Duke – Apollo 16 moonwalker offers a multimedia look at his life and a storefront to buy his memorabilia and autographs –

Richard Gordon – (Deceased) official website of the Gemini XI and Apollo XII astronaut, with information about his life and missions-

Duane Graveline – former NASA astronaut, space medicine research scientist, USAF flight surgeon, family doctor and author –

Don A. Thomas – Space shuttle veteran of four missions read more about Don here.

Tom Jones – Veteran of four space shuttle missions,astronaut,speaker & author

James Lovell – website of Lovells of Lake Forest, where the Gemini and Apollo astronaut’s son is chef and mission artifacts are on display

Ed Lu – multimedia website for the Expedition 7 crew member with mission updates, photographs, bios, and a section for kids –

Franco Malerba – campaign website for the STS-46 payload specialist running for the EU parliament –

Edgar Mitchell – (Deceased) the sixth moonwalker shares information about his books, appearances, autograph policy, and Institute of Noetic Sciences –

Mike Mullane – Shuttle astronaut turned professional speaker offers his services, books, and advice on how to become an astronaut –

Story Musgrave – multimedia presentation combining original music and the six-time shuttle astronaut’s unique perspective on space imagery –

William ‘Bill’ Pogue – (Deceased) He was selected in the 5th group of astronauts in 1966 and was on the support crews for Apollos 7, 11 and 14. Bill’s 84-day space flight aboard the Skylab space station (’73-’74), with astronauts Jerry Carr and Ed Gibson) set eight endurance and distance records.

Dorin Prunariu – website of the first and only cosmonaut from Romania; Site under constructon.

Walter Schirra – (Deceased) the only astronaut to fly Mercury, Gemini and Apollo shares stories and pictures from his NASA career and infamous ‘Gotchas!’ –

Russell Schweickart – personal home page for Apollo 9’s lunar module pilot, including a list of his favorite websites and updated biography –

Rick Searfoss – three-time shuttle pilot and commander presents information about his public and corporate speaking programs –

Ed White – (Deceased) The offical site of the first American Astronaut to walk in space.
Ed White was pilot of Gemini 4 when he made his historic spacewalk on June 3rd 1965.

Al Worden – Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot presents his lunar photography-inspired artwork and autographed photographs –

John Young – (Deceased) comprehensive (though unofficial) information about the Gemini, Apollo and shuttle astronaut’s career

Other Space Personalities

Sy Liebergot – former flight controller provides an inside look at Mission Control in ‘Apollo EECOM- Journey of a Lifetime’ –

Guenter Wendt – (Deceased) Mercury through Apollo Pad Leader presents information about his memoir, ‘The Unbroken Chain’

Chuck Yeager – The official website for the first pilot to break the sound barrier; includes an online store and appearance calendar


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